Saturday, November 30, 2019

The Mystical Positivist - Radio Show #343 - 30NOV19

This week on the show we present a conversation pre-recorded on November 29th, 2019 with OM C. Parkin. OM C. Parkin studied psychology, but dropped out of university studies after three years, because it gave him no real insight into human nature. In parallel, he worked intensely on the spiritual traditions of Sufism and the Enneagram as a mirror of the cosmos, especially the human psyche. In 1990, at the age of 27, he suffered a serious car accident, crossed the threshold of death, and woke up again to life, egolessly. Shortly thereafter, he met his spiritual teacher Gangaji, who helped him process his transformation, which cut through the everyday world of experience. Gangaji sent OM to her own teacher H. W. L. Poonja, a direct disciple of Ramana Maharshi, who gave OM his spiritual name.

OM has been teaching orally and in writing ever since, accompanying people in their search for truth and self-knowledge at spiritual events (Darshan). In addition, he is the author of a variety of books, writings and articles, including the recent English publications of The Digital Age, The Birth of the Lion – Non-Duality as a Way of Life, and Intelligence of Awakening – Navigating the Wisdom Path.

OM founded the first major German-speaking mystery school of the present time in the '90s. Since 2010, the school is located at Gut Saunstorf, a splendidly restored historic manor house near the Hanseatic city of Wismar, that has been known as the "Ort der Stille" (Place of Stillness). As a modern monastery, it is also open as a retreat for people who are on the inner path.

OM C. Parkin's spiritual teaching, also referred to as Inner Science, is based on the Eastern Advaita tradition (teaching of non-duality--the best-known representative of this tradition in the West is Ramana Maharshi). This teaching also encompasses Western experiential paths (e. g. Christian Mysticism, Georges I. Gurdjieff: The Fourth Way) as well as modern psychological and psychotherapeutic methods. The goal is self-knowledge through inner work, which ultimately leads to the realization of the true human nature. OM is also preparing for an American tour in October of 2020.

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Saturday, November 9, 2019

The Mystical Positivist - Radio Show #342 - 09NOV19

This week on the show we converse in the studio with Ken McLeod, founder and director of, a website offering resources on practical Buddhism. Ken trained in the Tibetan Buddha-dharma, translated for his teacher Kalu Rinpoche, and has written books that translate and comment on Tibetan texts. His books include A Trackless Path, Reflections on Silver River, An Arrow to the Heart, and Wake Up To Your Life. Ken’s work focuses upon making the Buddha’s teachings relevant and accessible to western practitioners.

In today's spirited conversation we discuss Ken's project to convey the flavor of Tibetan Buddhist practice to a Western audience and context, the ontological status of deities in the Vajrayana Deity practice, the use of reason in the Mystical endeavor, how modalities of practice need to align with the primary means by which different pratitioners relate to the world, and much more.

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