Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Mystical Positivist - Radio Show #227 - 25JUN16

The Mystical Positivist is now a weekly radio show on KOWS-LP 107.3 FM, Occidental, CA. Listen live on Saturday evenings from 4:00 - 6:00pm, PST, via the web at KOWS Live Stream.
This week's podcast features:
  • A conversation by telephone with Solala Towler, author of a book recently published by Sounds True called Practicing the Tao Te Ching: 81 Steps on the Way. Solala Towler has taught and practiced Taoist meditation and qigong for more than 25 years. In addition to Practicing the Tao Te Ching, he is author of Tales from the Tao, Tao Paths to Love, and more. Solala is the editor of The Empty Vessel, a widely respected journal of Taoist philosophy and practice. He teaches qigong and sound healing at conferences and workshops around the country.
More information about Solala Towler's work can be found at:

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