Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Mystical Positivist - Radio Show #147 - 08MAR14

The Mystical Positivist is now a weekly radio show on KOWS-LP 107.3 FM, Occidental, CA. Listen live on Saturday evenings from 4:00 - 6:00pm, PST, via the web at KOWS Live Stream
This week's podcast features:
  • A conversation with Purna Steinitz. From a young age, Purna Steinitz stood up for children who were being picked on. He has always been a champion of the downtrodden, and a stand for the truth being told.

    In 1975, Purna was found by his spiritual Master Lee Lozowick. Over the next 23 years, with the perseverance and patience of his teacher, he trained in what it means to live a spiritual life. Along the way, he participated in the early 1990s in a workshop called The Game, lead by transactional analyst Ken Windes, who had been in prison for 16 years and was now leading a transformational workshop. At the conclusion of the workshop, Ken invited Purna to train to offer the workshop himself. This lead to twenty years spent leading personal development programs with individuals and organizations. He is the founder of The Event training and the CAMP program, which have touched the lives of thousands of people. Moved by the horror and need of individuals who live in prison in the United States, Purna also founded the CHANGES program which is dedicated to sowing seeds of dignity and self-respect in this environment.

    In 1998, Purna was empowered as a teacher in the line of Lee Lozowick spiritual Master Yogi Ramsuratkumar. He started the Trimurti community which is devoted to the transmission of a traditional spiritual path as taught by the Bauls of Bengal, India. As a guide for members of Trimurti, he authored the book Upasritan: Nuts and Bolts. Purna strongly believes in community, not in the sense that people have to live with one another, but rather are working closely together for the sake of transformation. This, he has said, is the true healing force available to us on the path in this time of great turmoil on the planet.
More information about Purna Steinitz's work and interests can be found at:

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